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Prosperous Account Strategy Training Program

Account Management Training Delivers More Revenue from Existing Clients

Availability of options, decreasing customer loyalty, higher expectations, and constant competitive threats are making forecasted business from your best customers anything but a certainty.

Your best accounts deserve and require consistent, strategic value creation, which requires a deep understanding of your customer’s evolving needs.

Sales professionals need key account management training that empowers them to build accounts with an intentional strategy to continuously deliver solutions that help their customers prosper.

account management strategy training program overview

Richardson’s Prosperous Account Strategy Training Program

Richardson’s Prosperous Account Strategy training program (learn more here) offers a customer-centric approach to identifying key accounts, capturing and analyzing critical information, and developing an effective account management strategy to expand and grow customer relationships.

Participants learn to create value and find the white space in their accounts so that both the sales professional and the customer prosper.

You will find that Richardson’s approach:

    • Helps sales professionals identify the appropriate information needed to maximize key customer relationships
    • Provides a tool for capturing and using that information to help sales professionals make decisions that have the greatest impact on achieving their objectives
    • Provides a way to analyze that information to create goals, objectives, strategies, and an action plan to achieve their relationship goals.

Check out our video to find why your next sale is closer than you think.

For more information, download the White Paper: Growing into the White Space with Strategic Account Planning

Grow Key Accounts Using Richardson’s Momentum Methodology

Richardson’s Momentum Methodology is a dynamic set of practices for developing and executing a strategic account management plan to win and grow business.

account management training momentum methodology

When applied in key account development, the methodology is used for assessing a customer relationship, developing a strategy, and taking internal and external actions to proactively build and expand customer relationships.

This effective methodology for developing a strategic account management plan provides a set of practices and tools that help sales professionals build trusted advisor relationships. It empowers them to create value and trigger new needs for customers to expand business.

Richardson’s SVP & Chief Product Officer, Christopher Tiné, explains the customer-centric approach used in the Prosperous Account Strategy training program.

To learn more, download the Prosperous Account Strategy training program brochure.

Organize & Execute with the Strategic Account Planning Tool

The Strategic Account Planner tool consists of several elements designed to guide your team through the Assess and Strategize stages of the Momentum Methodology.

The Strategic Account Planning tool helps your team analyze information, think critically about customer relationships, and develop plans to improve their probability of achieving your organizational objectives.

Combining key account management training with a structured approach and set of supporting tools helps to ensure that your sales professionals don’t miss important details that can make or break the sale.

account planning tools - stakeholder analysis

Prosperous Account Strategy Training Program Learning Objectives

Upon completing the Prosperous Account Strategy training program, your sales team will be better able to:

    • Apply a customer-centric, disciplined approach to account planning that accelerates your team’s ability to expand customer relationships by:
      • Analyzing key information about the customer, industry, stakeholders, and competitive landscape
      • Identifying, generating, and creating opportunities by aligning with the customer’s goals
      • Creating a strong, executable plan
    • Create a common, repeatable methodology and language with your teams
    • Utilize an account planning tool to apply the methodology to a real account
      • Develop an Action Plan to protect and expand the relationship
      • Gain insight into personal strengths and opportunities in account planning
      • Gain feedback, insight, and ideas to strengthen your Action Plan

Prosperous Account Strategy Training Program Business Benefits

Upon completing the Prosperous Account Strategy training program (learn more here), your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Close opportunities with existing customers faster, generating revenue quicker than developing a new customer opportunity
    • Reduce acquisition costs by expanding existing relationships
    • Retain priority relationships by learning how to protect against competitive threats
    • Focus on the best accounts by assessing relationships against clear criteria

Program Delivery

The Prosperous Account Strategy training program is intended for any level sales professional or account manager who needs to engage in planning and execution to grow their key accounts. It is a blended offering that includes:

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