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Our People

From your first conversation with us, you’ll realize we’re different. It is our job to make you feel like our entire staff are fully integrated members of your sales team. That means we put your organization’s priorities first and measure success in terms of your satisfaction and business growth. Here, we pull back the curtain to introduce you to a few of the talented people at Richardson who make your success possible.

Meet The People Behind the Scenes At Richardson
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Secret Customization


Our proprietary customization process defines the critical selling behaviors that matter most to your organization and allows us to create a targeted intervention around them for faster results. Integration of your strategy into the learning outputs ensures the McKinsey Research, top sales organizations understand that different sellers and teams need different capabilities, and they are twice as likely as laggards to tailor sales training and development to suit those requirements.

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Active Learning Methodology

Our Learning Methodology drives sustained and measurable behavior change. We have curated a robust platform of learning assets and content to drive sustained behavior change throughout your organization. Each component of our methodology is rooted in the established principles of adult learning science. Our methodology proactively drives the behavior change process — from intention to change, the acquisition of new skills and behaviors, and knowledge retention and mastery through sustainment and evidence-based coaching. Each component of the methodology is rooted in the established principles of adult learning science, and participants are engaged by facilitators who utilize a Socratic approach and, in the moment, redirect feedback to engage and drive immediate application.

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Secret Sales Dialogue

DNA of a Sales Dialogue

We know the DNA of a great sales dialogue. We have observed, dissected, and reconstructed thousands of sales dialogues to unearth the specific DNA that makes a sales dialogue most effective and how to teach salespeople to replicate it. What we have found is that there are four core properties that make up that successful DNA: The logical steps of the dialogue in a succession that demonstrates credibility and builds trust, each step is then supported by a best practice structure that is aimed at building: (1) the connection with the customer, (2) getting them to share their thinking, (3) persuasively positioning, nuanced control points, which are specific questions or statements a seller uses throughout the flow to engage the customer while maintaining control and adjusting along the way, (4) the skills to execute – allowing the seller to expertly navigate the flow and control points in a way that builds incremental trust, credibility, and value. Techniques alone are not enough to teach salespeople to improve customer dialogues because techniques many times exist in a vacuum. Salespeople need skills to adapt and flex those techniques in the moment with the customer when they are exchanging information to adjust and keep control.

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Comprehensive Measurement

We provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to measurement that not only demonstrates the return on investment but also gives them actionable data in the moment for adjustments and sustainment decisions. Measurement reporting includes progress on both leading and lagging indicators. Our approach to training sales teams blends tools with expertise to shed light on how they are performing, as well as additional opportunities for adjustments.

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Secret Measurement