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Healthcare Sales Training Programs

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Healthcare Sellers Need To Focus on Value

Healthcare selling is a moving target. The changing industry has left many salespeople in the dark. However, at Richardson, we offer healthcare sales training that focuses on one deceptively simple approach to illuminate the way forward.

The healthcare industry is a complex latticework of intersecting roads. Finding the path to the sale is difficult. Much of this challenge stems from a broad transition to value-based care systems. This new framework incentivizes providers to seek more effective treatments for patients. A move from volume to value, however, puts greater pressure on healthcare providers to manage costs. This trend threatens to pit salespeople against one another in a race to the lowest price.

Despite these challenges, successful sellers stand to make significant gains given that 75% of companies listed in the Fortune 500 are in the healthcare sector. Summiting these monolithic businesses means learning to embrace the challenges of the value-based system as well as a hierarchy of decision makers, limited schedules and shifting stakeholder influences.

The solution? Engage the buyer by exhibiting a deeper understanding of their problem.

Healthcare Sales Training Programs

At Richardson, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations reinvigorate their sales force. How did we do it? We gave them the tools to identify the buyer’s needs more clearly. A salesperson cannot position a solution without a detailed understanding of the problem. First, seek to understand, then seek to be understood.

Evidencing the need for this approach is research from Gallup showing that only 53% of B2B customers strongly agree that their supplier is a trusted advisor. Moreover, the rewards for sellers that can establish a trusting relationship are substantial. The same research illustrates that buyers who see their seller as a trusted advisor are 2.5x “more likely to say they are ‘extremely likely’ to repurchase the company’s products and services.”

They key is to form a connection with the buyer. However, the healthcare world is intimidatingly large. The problems are as diverse as the people. Therefore, we create customized sales training programs suited to the seller’s specific area of the market. There are many ways forward, but there is only one that’s right for you.

This individualized approach equips sellers with the right questions. These questions lead to a dialogue that’s mutually beneficial because even the buyer needs help defining their problem. As a result, the buyer and seller become aligned, and trust develops leading to credibility.

Our healthcare sales training program shows sellers ways to leverage insightful questions to advance the sale. The buyer’s responses demystify the process by which their company makes decisions. Why is this important? A Richardson survey of 370 respondents revealed that over 30% of sellers believe “uncovering complete information regarding the decision-making process” is the biggest challenge in discovering the client’s needs. We show sellers how to avoid bringing a solution in search of a need. Instead, we teach how to find the need.

Leverage Richardson’s resources to refocus your sales team on understanding the buyer’s needs.

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