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As a global sales training company, we believe that better selling starts with better questions. We want to understand the customer’s needs. We’re curious about how people think and make decisions. Our brand has thrived over more than four decades because we are committed to a few simple ideas: relationships matter. Listening comes first. Interpretations must go deeper than surface-level. Results come from re-thinking the strategy and taking the time to understand the customer.

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Discover What It's Like To Work At Richardson

In a people business like ours we need the best, to bring out the best in our clients.

John Elsey, Richardson President & CEO

Who We Are

We bring effective sales training to companies seeking to improve their sales team. We create a customized blended learning experience in which participants learn through instructor-led classroom experiences and on-demand digital tools. We design solutions that leverage a simplified, creative, and tech-enabled approach to selling that puts the customer first.

Making this work means bringing together our team of designers, solution architects, thought leaders, and facilitators who are thinkers and doers, in that order.

Meet Our Executive Team
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Our Culture

Culture counts. At Richardson, we believe that success is measured in outcomes, not hours. As a result, confidence, curiosity, and authenticity drive an inclusive culture characterized by cooperation, not competition. We are flexible in our approach to problem-solving and believe that real success is shared success. Growth is more than a balance sheet figure. Therefore, we regularly see team members advance within Richardson and foster change.

We are big enough to have perspective and small enough to be progressive.

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How We Work

We think being “in the know” is good for business. That’s why we’re transparent. Every member of the team knows the direction, standing and intent of the business. Simply put: Communication is a precursor for commitment. This commitment is important because we want to benefit from the experiences of our team across 50 countries. Challenges come fast, but with an engaged team, so do solutions. Learn more about our secret here.

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What We Can Offer

We offer competitive salaries and commission/annual bonus opportunities, a full-range of benefits, substantial paid time-off, a 401(k) with matching contributions, paid parental leave, and a setting primed for long-term growth.

Team members also have full access to the learning content propelling the dozens of Fortune 500 companies we’ve trained. We are focused on employee experience, and with that comes many enriching opportunities to make meaningful connections with your coworkers.

As a group we enjoy health and wellness seminars, summer outings, weekly walks through the city, our own book club, and a coaching culture that encourages personal growth.

We are an expanding organization capturing market share and want people who can grow with us.

Experience Life at Richardson